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About Us

Our mission is to provide you with superb quality laser pointers and presenters with unmatched service, amazing prices and fast deliveries

At Alpec, our goal is to help you Highlight What's Important. Since 1991, we have brought to the market premium red, green, blue, and purple laser pointers and presenters to help you achieve your goals.

We carry over 100 different styles that have been carefully designed to meet the needs of our discerning customers. If you're looking for the best presentation and pointing tool to Highlight What's Important, then look no further. Our laser pointers are used widely in the education, plant, construction, corporate, sales, healthcare, government and military markets.

We also do custom designs. Simply give us a call and together we can design, build and deliver a laser pointer that will exceed your expectations.

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Your Benefits

  • Largest inventory in North America ready to ship. HQ in Reno, NV.
  • A dedicated team that is intimately familiar with our complete line of laser pointers and presenters, ready to help you find the best solution for your needs.
  • Highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.
  • Lifetime warranty on Red Laser Pointers and 1 year warranty on Blue, Green and Purple Laser Pointers.
  • Distributor friendly programs to help you grow your business.

At Alpec, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome. We aim to earn your trust and quite simply, be the best company that you do business with!

Thank you for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate your business!