Laser Colors

Improve Your

Point out objectives, locations and merchandise no matter how many square feet your warehouse with an Alpec laser pointer!
From the Classroom to the Laboratory, Alpec laser pointers are a brilliant addition to your experiment!
Succeed at every level with a brilliant Alpec laser pointer!
Show off property with professional flair and expertise with your Alpec laser pointer!
These Alpec laser pointers function perfectly with Nitrile or Latex gloves, scrubbed in or not!
Extreme circumstances call for Alpec laser pointer’s extreme reliability!
Alpec Green lasers are a necessity in any outdoor setting!
Alpec laser pointers excel in ANY classroom or lecture hall!
Point out critical infrastructure on the fly with one of these Alpec laser pointers!
Alpec Green lasers light up the night sky!
All of our Red Lasers come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

All of our Purple Lasers come with a One Year Guarantee.

All of our Blue Lasers come with a One Year Guarantee.

All of our Green Lasers come with a One Year Guarantee.