Can I use my Alpec laser pointer on an LED screen or TV screen?

RSO Consulting

Yes. An LED screen’s brightness, coupled with its built-in technology to swallow any ambient lighting presents a unique challenge for the use of laser pointers. To successfully point with an Alpec laser pointer on an LED screen, we recommend

  • Point with a green laser pointer instead of a red laser pointer. Green pointers are 30 times more visible to the human eye and their built-in technology makes them more visible on most LED screens. Green doesn’t always solve the problem entirely, but you should notice a visible difference between green and red.
  • Try toggling down or off the overall brightness on the screen you are using with your pointer. With so many TV models on the market, you won’t know how it will work until you try.·  If the above does not work, reach out to our customer service at 800-854-6686. We’ll help find the right tool for your situation.