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Why Choose Alpec Laser Pointers?

30+ Years of High-Powered Laser Pointer Excellence

Experience Matters
Alpec has been a leader in laser pointers for over 33 years. No one else has been making high-powered, quality laser pointers as long as we have. With that longevity, we have the experience and knowledge to make sure you get the laser pointer that fits your needs.
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Buy With Confidence

Unrivaled Customer Service and Reliability
Our dedication to customer satisfaction and product reliability is unwavering. Don't settle for less—choose Alpec, the brand that’s always there for you.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Lifetime Warranty for Red Laser Pointers
Alpec is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all red laser pointers—no other company does this!
1-Year Warranty for Alpec Green and Blue Laser Pointers
Commitment to quality for over three decades, now with a solid one-year warranty on all green and blue laser pointers.

Feel the Difference

Superior Build Quality
Alpec laser pointers, made from premium Brass or Aircraft Grade Aluminum rather than cheap plastic, offer durability and confidence in every presentation.

FDA Approved and Laser Class III Certified

Safety and Power Combined
Our powerful laser pointers are designed with safety in mind, meeting FDA regulations for Class III laser performance, the highest legal standard available.

Built for Consistency and Safety

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance
  • Sealed Units: Ensures safe, smooth operation every time.
  • Circuit Overload Protection: Enjoy stable 5mw power output with fail-over protection for safe operation under all conditions.
  • 100% IR Filtration on Green Lasers: Protects your eyes by filtering out harmful infrared light.
  • LED Indicator: Provides a visual alert when the green laser pointer is active.

A Range of Choices

Customizable Options to Suit Every Need

Alpec carries multiple options of colors and nanometers (most commonly used measurement for a laser wavelength of light) to meet your needs.

- 650nm: Red Laser Pointer with 1500ft range.

- 635nm: “Pure Red” Laser Pointer with 3000ft range.

- 532nm: True Green Laser Pointer with over 6000ft range.

- 450nm: Vivid Blue Laser Pointer with over 1500ft range.


Versatile Use

Empowering Professionals Across Industries
From construction sites to classrooms, Alpec laser pointers are the go-to tool for professionals. Used by a wide spectrum of fields including medical, law enforcement, education, and more, our pointers prove essential in any professional setting!

Alpec Laser Pointers—Redefining precision and excellence in every laser beam. Join the professionals who choose the best.

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