About That High Powered Laser Pointer

November 6, 2023
By Alpec
a police k-9 handler and his dog

A high powered laser pointer as part of police, military or homeland security kit is not new. They have been a part of tactical presentations for years. A laser pointer, sometimes called a military laser pointer or an army laser pen, is a powerful teaching tool for humans and canines alike.  Alpec’s laser pointers are incredibly accurate, making them highly sought after by human and K-9 trainers.  Our green laser pointers offer pinpoint accuracy up to a mile away, an efficient, effective support tool for teams and well-trained canines.

A High Powered Laser Pointer the Size of a Pen

As anyone who has taught recruits or conducted follow-up training with experienced staff knows, handheld laser pointers can be used to direct attention during a presentation. Law enforcement typically prefer green laser pointers to point out potential targets or areas of concern before entering. Why green? Alpec’s most popular green laser pointer is the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer. The laser light is a rich green color, emitted from a slim, pen-sized tool. Outdoors during the day, green laser light is easy to see. It does not “disappear” as other colors might. It is easy to see over vast distances – over a mile!

Perhaps more importantly for classroom training, our green laser pointers are designed to work beautifully on LCD and LED TV screens. They are a safe and effective choice. All of our green class 3 lasers will get the job done.

An Assistant to Verbal Communication

Laser pointers can help military and law enforcement personnel do their job more efficiently. The powerful and bright green lasers are easy to see over long distances. They are also used for military landing zones at night. They are much easier to use than a flare and can create marked areas that are safe for helicopters to land.

Animals respond well to green as well. According to Chief Tim Barfield and other K-9 trainers, green is the preferred color for training dogs. It allows for contrast to the red often used by SWAT teams. (Red lasers will not work on LCD and LED TV screens but dogs respond well to red.)

Keep in mind that outdoors during the day, most laser light colors seem to disappear in sunlight. Our green laser pointers are 30 times brighter than red making them the best choice for most conditions. We also like this Duo Red and Green Laser Pointer. It emits both red and green light for those times when more is more.

Which Laser Pointer Pen is Best for Law Enforcement, Military and K-9 Trainers?

Most laser pointers preferred for law enforcement, military and K-9 trainers are one-touch button laser pens and laser pointers. The smooth action of the buttons on all of Alpec’s green laser pointers make the transition from belt clip to hand seamless. For tactical presentations, the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer is our most popular model because of its range of over a mile and sleek black finish. And – you know this by now – green class 3 lasers work on LED and LCD tv screens so the transition from indoor to outdoor training is also streamlined.