The Best Astronomy Laser Pointer

November 14, 2023
By Alpec
laser pointers of any color can be used outdoors to look at the stars. The one here is violet or blue.

The field of astronomy has been around for centuries. In the beginning stargazing was done by mapping the sky with just the naked eye, but as we evolved tools were made such as telescopes, photometers, computers, and our favorite: laser pointers.

So, what’s the best astronomy laser pointer?

Because astronomical objects are located at great distances, a laser pointer with a clear, sharp beam is called for. Really, any color will do a fine job of pointing at celestial objects since you will be using it in dark, nighttime conditions.

Power is not an issue either – in general, lower power is preferred for star gazing – around 5 milliwatts is ideal to provide a clearly visible beam while still comfortable for the human eye under normal conditions.

However, we are all in on the green laser pointer for outdoor use. With a power output of up to 5mW, a green laser pointer is powerful enough to reach long distances and bright enough to be seen at night.

But, what about planetariums? A crucial, yet often forgotten, part of pointer use in astronomy is at planetariums. While a green laser pointer is best for outdoor stargazing, a red laser pointer is best for “indoor stargazing,” a.k.a. planetariums. Red is preferred by lecturers and others who use pointers indoors for its vivid color that is a little easier on the eyes in indoor light conditions.

The Best of Both Worlds

Ideally, the best laser pointer for someone in the field of astronomy would be a laser pointer that can produce both a red and green laser. The Alpec Emerald Duo Red and Green Laser Pointer was created for this exact reason. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the Emerald Duo Red and Green Laser Pointer is the best astronomy laser pointer on the market in terms of versatility, quality and price. 

Happy (Safe) Pointing!

This article originally posted on February 26, 2021