The Great Battery Powered vs Rechargeable Laser Pointer Debate

March 4, 2024
By Alpec
Man stands on a stage with a battery-powered laser pointer in his hand in front of a blue background.

Vanilla or chocolate? Pen or pencil? Battery powered laser pointer or rechargeable laser pointer? For many of the little things in life (ok, ice cream isn’t so little), people choose a side and stick with it. We prefer to have the best of both worlds, our chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top, if you will.  That’s why Alpec offers laser pointers that are wireless and battery-powered.

The Great Battery Powered vs Rechargeable Laser Pointer Debate

There is a great debate between battery powered laser pointers and rechargeable laser pointers. We come down on the side of battery-powered. Why?

After decades in the laser pointer business, we’ve learned a few things about the devices and prefer wireless pointers enabled with batteries.

  • Rechargeable pointers require advance planning. We’ve heard all the stories about charges running out in the middle of ___ (insert your situation here: presentation, lecture, sales meeting, surgery guidance, etc.).  That doesn’t need to happen.
  • Rechargeable batteries degrade over time. Our laser pointers – all of them – are sealed units to prevent the diode and energy source from being tampered with. This feature provides reliable and consistent power to the light source, eliminating performance degradation.
  • Our battery-powered laser pointers last a long time. Many of our customers have reported a 20+ year lifespan for their red laser pointers and 10+ years for green lasers.
  • Instead of rechargeables, we prefer to stand behind our lifetime warranty for our red lasers and our 1-year warranty for green and blue lasers. (For information about why we offer different warranties for different lasers, our Green is Good post breaks down the technology inside each color’s housing.)

The Question Is: Do You Prefer Red or Green Laser Light?

Red and green offer different benefits and we offer many different styles of laser pointers in each color. To help narrow down the selection, consider how you will be using the laser pointer. Indoors or outside? In a large classroom or a small boardroom? Are you presenting on a white screen or a TV?

Green laser light has a range of 6,000 feet. Alpec Lexus Green Laser Presenter also has a presenter range of 50 feet and 2.4 GHz RF frequency so you can walk freely while presenting. Simply plug the wireless receiver into your computer’s USB port and you’re off and running.

We also recommend using a green laser pointer if you are pointing at a TV or LED screen. Not only is green light more visible to the human eye, green’s built-in technology makes them more visible on most LED screens. Green is widely used for presentation functions by teachers, lawyers, professors and others who like the color’s visibility even in bright daylight.

Red has its place, too. Alpec’s Power Pro Red Laser Pointer has a range of 3,000 feet. Red pointers are used widely in medical sales, chiropractic offices, warehouse services, education and other fields that don’t require use in bright daylight.

Call us if you have questions.

Stock Up on Triple A Batteries

Before your next presentation, pop a few AAA batteries into your bag with your preferred laser. Our laser pointers require two batteries so keeping four on hand, just in case, is good practice. Most production teams do this regularly with microphones, headsets, and other performance gear and it makes sense for laser pointers, too.