Top 5 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Work

December 9, 2021
By Alpec
best stocking stuffer for office is a keychain laser with red beam

Do you need to bring a Secret Santa gift or other gift to a party with co-workers or people you might not know very well? Or send a gift to all of your employees? We can’t claim to know the best office gifts but a variety of gifts keeps things interesting and helps ensure there is something for everyone.

The gold-colored bullet case looks really cool and the red laser sends a beam up to 1500 feet, perfect for pointing at whiteboards and power point presentations. $22

Lighten the return to commuting with a mug that is easy to clean and works as well at the office as it does at home. $29.99

Buddy’s relentless positivity is a boon to teams who sometimes just need a laugh or a common cultural touchstone. $9

Capture all the best office moments with a five-lens kit that attaches to a smartphone. $44.95

Simply pick a monthly budget and employees get to pick their own snacks from an array of better-for-you and boosted (with functional ingredients) snacks that are delivered monthly. From $40.