The Best Laser Pointer for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2024
By Alpec
the best red laser pointer for Valentines Day that can make these laser hearts that look like flowers is an Alpec Power Pro Red laser pointer

Do you remember how Chris Pratt got his start in acting? Known for such mega-hits as “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World,” the man from Minnesota first rose to prominence as Andy Dwyer on the NBC show “Parks & Rec.”

We love the goofiness and deadpan humor of “Parks & Rec,” and Andy’s general cluelessness. The best episode? Season 4, Episode 8, “Smallest Park.” In it, Andy decides to take some classes at the community college. In Andy fashion, he lands in a Women’s Studies class (*3:02 time marker). “Andy Dwyer will be taking ‘Women’s Lasers’,” Pratt as Andy, says. “I cannot stop thinking about lasers!” We get it. We can’t stop thinking about lasers, either!

Alpec Red Laser Pointer for Valentine’s Day?

You already know that we love red lasers at Alpec. But does a laser pointer make a good Valentine’s Day gift? That depends on the recipient. Red is one of the most popular colors of laser pointers – people use them in a variety of settings, such as outdoors while camping or looking at the stars, or for real estate assessments. Our Slimline Red Laser Presenter is preferred by educators and trainers because it is wireless (up to 30 feet) and still bright at 1,500 feet (457 meters).

We even designed a red laser for use on a pool cue. Set at 650 nm, this red laser helps develop a player’s accuracy and works well against a pool table’s felted surface.

The uses for a red laser are many. Whatever red laser pointer you choose, the light will be comfortable for the human eye and will function well even in sub-optimal conditions.

The Best Red Laser Pointer

It’s hard to pick just one red laser pointer from our assortment, Before choosing, figure out what and where you are planning to use the pointer. Indoors or outside? During the day or at night? We don’t know which laser pointer Andy would choose but we’re guessing the Senator. Not because it is elegant and also works as a pen but because he will confuse the pen with an actual senator.

Parks & Rec doesn’t actually have a senator in any of its plotlines, but it does have a congressman and Leslie becomes a councilwoman. Here’s a snippet of Ben (Adam Scott) trying to figure out how to interact with the interns in the office.

Our Guarantee

No matter which laser pointer you choose, Alpec stands behind our products. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Ask an actual human in our office anything you need to know about red laser pointers. No, it won’t be Chris Pratt who responds, but we may make an Andy joke. That’s how we roll.