The Best Teacher Gifts 2024

June 1, 2024
By Alpec
the letters that spell teacher, broken into four elements on the periodic table and a subhed that reads the inspirational element

Teachers and educators, especially in the elementary school grades, often receive a lot of thank you gifts. Is it expected? Well, not exactly, but being grateful for someone’s efforts on your or your childrens’ behalf is a positive emotion to express.  Teachers will reciprocate by telling you that the best thank you gift offers support in some way – time volunteering at school or helping with homework. And a heartfelt message does the job very well.

What Are the Best Teacher Gifts?

Should you be in the market for something a little different, we have a few ideas to show your appreciation for the teacher or educator who has made a difference this school year.

1. Alpec Power Pro Red Laser Pointer

The sleek black case helps up a teacher’s cool factor with older kids and young adults and the red laser sends a beam up to 3,000 feet, perfect for pointing at whiteboards and for use during outdoor education days. $42.99

2. Starbucks Gift Card

It’s not the most original gift but we have yet to meet a teacher who does not cheer with delight when they open the gift of drinks and treats of their choosing. $10 and up

3. Personalized Stickers from Paper Source

Rather than bringing in an apple (which is still retro fun), how about a set of stickers with the teacher’s name on them? They are perfect for placing inside of books and other materials that should stay in Ms. Gardner’s classroom. From $35 for 100

4. Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer

Teachers wash their hands. A lot. This soothing balm is restorative and smells great. Plus, it has a certain sort of cult status among adults in the know. $19.99

5. I’d Rather Be Reading Sticky Notes

Everyone needs to read more and subtle reminders to do just that. This sticky note pad – something teachers use all the time – is graced with a gnome atop a magic mushroom. Gifts don’t get any cuter than this. From $6 for 50 sheets.

This story originally published on May 9, 2022.