Lasers for Camping, Hiking and Hunting–Enhance Your Outdoor Safety

August 31, 2023
By Alpec
You might not need a laser for hunting but having one on hand for camping is a good idea

Lasers can be an important part of an outdoor adventuring, hunting or camping safety kit. It can be a critical survival device to help wayward hikers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts avoid getting lost and, more importantly, can help them be found. Lasers can also be used to point out interesting things in nature or as a tool to get back to camp safely when you find yourself on the trail as day transitions to dusk and night.

Lasers for Hunting, Hiking and Camping

Brightly colored and reflective material sewn into hunting or hiking clothes or adhered to other gear makes the item easier to see in bright white or difficult light conditions.  Using a laser such as an Alpec Power Pro Red Laser Pointer with reflective gear makes locating family members who may be hidden by fog, rain or dust (hello, Burning Man!) easier, even at long distances. Plus, pointing the laser at the inside top of your tent makes a cool nightscape or night light for the littlest campers.

Which Laser Pointer Pen is Best for Camping, Hiking and Hunting?

In many outdoor spaces, friends and family can be spread out over a large distance. With over a mile of communication distance, Alpec’s green laser pointers, including the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer, make a great choice. The warm green color stands out in all light conditions and is visible from over 6,000 feet.

Keep in mind that outdoors during the day, most laser light colors seem to disappear in sunlight. Though it seems counterintuitive to use green laser light when hiking amidst green trees or through green fields, our green laser pointers are 30 times brighter than red. Though we love our red laser pointers, outside, green is our preferred choice.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. We always recommend understanding lasers and how they work so you can use them safely. Unsure about which laser is right for your needs? Drop us a line and let us help you choose the right laser for your outdoor lifestyle.