We Aren’t Irish but We Love Green – Here’s Why

March 7, 2023
By Alpec
A French bulldog wears a shamrock headband.

Green is a color long associated with Ireland. The Emerald Isle is famously green as are shamrocks, one of the country’s symbols (the other is a harp). Dig a little deeper to find that Ireland’s green is linked to its history, to the Great Irish Rebellion of 1641 when Catholic landowners and bishops pushed back against the authority of the English crown. The politics get complicated from there but green came to be so important in Ireland, it inspired countless ballads, including “The Wearing of the Green.”

Why We Love Green Lasers

You already know that we love green lasers at Alpec. Green lasers are four times more visible to the human eye than red lasers of the same output power and human eyes can see green across a vast swath of the color spectrum. And the technology that goes into our green laser pointers is first class, making our 532 nm green laser pointer a beautiful, true green that is beloved by laser nerds and regular people alike.

A Green Laser Pointer is Used for Everything

Whether or not you are Irish (and we are ALL Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!) it is useful to know that Alpec’s most popular green laser pointer, the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer, is a best seller because of the rich green color emitted from a slim, pen-sized tool.

Outdoors during the day, green laser light is easy to see. It does not “disappear” as other colors might. It is even easy to see over vast distances – over a mile! Indoors, that same low power but bright light quality makes green a popular choice with educators, teachers and any role where non-verbal communication is an asset (we see you, warehouse managers and medical technicians).

Which Green Laser Pointer is Best for Me?

On many job sites where voice directions may be difficult to hear, a green laser pointer can enable team members to see rather than hear what needs to be accomplished. In medicine, a laser’s effectiveness is its accuracy – a medical educator’s gesture can provide pinpoint information, a boon for efficient, effective communication.

For most job sites, the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer is the one and done option. Like all of Alpec’s green lasers, it has a range of 6,000 feet but works just as well in close quarters.

Which Laser Pointer is Right for Your Business?

When choosing a laser pointer, consider this: All of Alpec’s laser pointers are premium quality – we don’t make a cheap green laser pointer. The difference in price is the technology. You are paying more for the high visibility of green light to the human eye and for the goodies inside each green laser pointer pointer..

Our Guarantee

No matter which laser pointer you choose, Alpec stands behind our products. Got questions? We’ve got answers. We are also keen to hear any jokes you know about green beer or green cake or green laser pointers.

Please send any laser pointer jokes our way and we just may sing “The Wearing of the Green” as a thank you.  (We said ‘maybe!’)