New Year, New Classroom Tools

January 17, 2023
By Alpec
a teacher points at a whiteboard with a laser pointer

It’s a new year, a time for new tools, habits and ideas.  Is it time to upgrade your laser pointer to green?

Laser pointers are a little thing and you might even already have one in your teacher’s toolkit. And in classroom settings, red is one of our most popular color choices. Educators and trainers typically prefer wireless models well-suited to indoors, such as the Spectra 4000 and 4001. Set at 650 nm, they are comfortably bright, pinpoint accurate and easy to see, whether the classroom lights are on or off.

Choosing the Right Classroom Laser Pointers or Teacher Pointer

But we are here today to talk up green. Here’s why: Green laser pointers are 30 times more visible to the human eye than red lasers of the same output power. They don’t fade away or disappear in the dark as some other colors of laser pointers do. And they are pinpoint accurate at distances of over a mile. While no classroom that we know of is a mile long, we don’t know of any red classroom laser pointer that can say that!

Not yet convinced of green’s superpowers? What if we told you that green’s brightness combined with its long range means a green laser pointer is a more capable tool for keeping the eyes and brains of your easily distracted students focused where they should be – on your teaching? Our favorite green laser pointer for teachers is the Sotonic Green. We designed it for use indoors and out so no matter where your teaching takes you, the perfect tool is at hand.

Are Laser Pointers Safe in the Classroom?

Educators already know that lasers are not toys and should be used only for their intended purpose. We feel the same way. All of Alpec’s lasers are premium laser pointers, built with 100% IR filtration.  IR filtration along with sealed, tamper-proof laser housing ensure a safe laser experience. 

Which Laser Pointer or Laser Presenter is Right for You?

Reach out if we can answer any questions about which laser pointer style or color are right for your classroom.