Classroom Laser Pointers

September 22, 2021
Laser Safety
By Alpec
a teacher using a classroom laser pointer

Whether it’s a classroom, an office, a lecture hall or a Board of Education meeting, laser pointers can make teaching – and learning – more fun and engaging. Chemical engineers and robotics professors want to have fun, too, right? Classroom laser pointers can make a difference. 

Lighten Up the Graphs

Packing a lot of information onto slides or white boards and accompanying it with voice over is a straightforward way of teaching. To amplify learning and make it more fun for teacher and audience, a few tools can make the difference between learners and listeners. Consider adding a laser pen to your teaching tools. Using lasers in different colors, like highlighters on paper, makes the data in front of your class pop just that much more. Lasers can effectively be used at the end of a presentation to reinforce the concepts presented. Laser light, when used properly, does not need to be distracting. It can be engaging.

Laser Pen Colors

There are many colors of laser pens with red and green being popular for classroom settings. The original laser color, red, is widely used in research laboratories. They offer pinpoint accuracy over long distances and it is comfortably bright for the human eye. Our Touch Pad Pro Red Laser Pointer is sought after for its ease of use – even while wearing latex or nitrile gloves, the sensor reacts instantly, making it a preferred choice for lab instructors.

To stand apart from students’ lab research, another color may be warranted. Green laser pointers are very popular for their brightness and easy visibility to the human eye. The Emerald Green Laser Pointer is popular for the rich green color emitted from this slim, pen-sized tool.

Are Laser Pointers Safe in the Classroom?

Educators already know that lasers are not toys and should be used only for their intended purpose. We feel the same way. All of Alpec’s lasers are premium laser pointers, built with 100% IR filtration.  IR filtration along with sealed, tamper-proof laser housing ensure a safe laser experience.  

Which Laser Pointer or Laser Presenter is Right for You?

We make many different laser pens and laser pointers suitable for the classroom and for teaching in laboratories and other settings. If we have not answered your questions, please reach out so we can discuss your needs further.