Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts

June 8, 2022
By Alpec
Dad with his Dad and Son fishing on a pier at dawn

Most dads we know are happy to have a quiet afternoon off from the hurly-burly of family life. We also know that it is nice to get a little present sometimes, a gift Dad would not necessarily have thought to buy himself. The role of “dad” takes many forms so we’ve collected a few ideas that could work for the elder statesmen or role model in your life.

1.     Alpec Soltonic Blue Laser Pointer

A bright blue laser pointer will set your dad apart with the hippest tool in the crew. We like it for its intense, sharp-edged blue laser beam and cool aqua color. $84.99

2.     MagSafe Charger

There are lots of wireless chargers out there but we like the perfectly aligned magnets that easily attach to your phone and provide up to 15W of super-quick charging. $39 

3.     Deluxe Family First Aid Kit

It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving – a first aid kit for the car. Packed with essentials from the Red Cross, it’s a 115-piece kit that instantly makes any dad (or caregiver) prepared to handle the most common emergencies, from cuts and scrapes to sprains and strains. $40.99

4.     Personalized m&m’s

Ok, we’ve recommended this one before because we know more than one chocolate-loving dad! Choose which colors, designs and clip art to add to tiny candies that can easily be shared among family and friends. $49.99

5.     Headlamp

Whether dad likes to go for sunset strolls, noodle around in the yard or needs to check out something that went “bump” in the night, a personal headlamp makes all of it easier and, frankly, more fun. $49.95