Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts 2023

June 14, 2023
By Alpec
Dad with his Son fishing on a pier at dawn

Do dads want Father’s Day gifts? Put another way: who doesn’t want to be remembered? We can think of a lot of dads who would be happy with little more than a beer and a game of soccer or baseball on the TV on Father’s Day. We also know that it is nice to get a thoughtful gift. The role of “dad” takes many forms so we’ve collected a few ideas that could work for the elder statesmen or role model in your life. And, just in case you need a reminder, it’s on June 18 this year.

1.         Alpec Soltonic Blue Laser Pointer

A bright blue laser pointer will set your dad apart with the hippest tool on the crew. We like it for its intense, sharp-edged blue laser beam and cool aqua color. $84.99

2.         MagSafe Charger

There are lots of wireless chargers out there but we like the perfectly aligned magnets that easily attach to your phone and provide up to 15W of super-quick charging. $39

3.         Deluxe Family First Aid Kit

It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving – a first aid kit for the car. Packed with essentials from the Red Cross, it’s a 115-piece kit that instantly makes any dad (or caregiver) prepared to handle the most common emergencies, from cuts and scrapes to sprains and strains. $40.99

4.         Perfect BBQ Signature Set

Barbecuing is the only cooking many men we know are comfortable with – it’s outside, with no one (usually) watching over your shoulder. Plus, the food tastes great because it is eaten outside during summer. With a bottle of smoky bourbon barbecue sauce, one dry run and three hot sauces, a kit like this easily kicks off the summer grilling season for beginners and enthusiastic pitmasters. From $48

5.         Storm in a Tea Cup

Written by physicist Helen Czerski, this book provides witty, engaging answers to questions that pop up in everyday life such as: Why does milk look like billowing clouds when poured into tea? And why does ketchup take its sweet time coming out of the bottle? Sounds right up dad’s alley. $15.95.