Top 5 Graduation Gifts Under $100

May 8, 2023
By Alpec
A group of graduates in cap and gown taking a selfie.

Thoughtful presents don’t need to be expensive. Include a handwritten note and your gift amplifies itself. We’ve got some ideas about gifts under $100 for the grad in your life. The card and what you write in it is up to you.

1. Alpec Power Pro Red Laser Pointer

The sleek black case is fun to show off at parties and the red laser sends a beam up to 3,000 feet, perfect for grads heading into education, sales or many other fields of work. $42.99

2. Graduation Cap Gift Box

Ok, ok, a gift box is not exactly a gift but it comes in five colors, including standard black, and is sized just right to hold a gift card of any amount. $6.99

3. Paper Journal

Made with sustainably sourced sugar cane paper and sized  5.75″ x 8.5”, this journal is sized right for keeping in the car or taking on the subway. Because inspiration does not fit on a cell phone screen. $32

4. Platinum Procyon Fountain Pen

The Japanese manufacturer of a fountain pen paid close attention to all the details here – this pen feels great in your hand and writes like a dream. Fountain pens have a retro vibe but new technology means smooth writing and no ink spills. Unless that’s your thing. $64

5. Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Technically, you can brew tea and other leaves with the set up but it’s designed for coffee. And the hand-blown glass carafe with handle is so pretty, it can sit on the counter all day. $44.95