How Do Laser Pointers Work?

March 29, 2021
By Alpec

Laser pointers were invented in 1963 around the idea of having one focused beam of light and were commonly used in classrooms and astronomy. Prior to the laser pointer, the flashlight was invented, followed by lasers. The two inventions combined, roughly, created the laser pointer. 

How Do Laser Pointers Work?

Lasers work using mirrors. Laser light is produced when light is bounced back and forth between a set of mirrors. Laser pointers use the same method, just condensed into a compact, hand held size.

In addition to mirrors, there are two other key components to a laser pointer. The mirrors are what creates the focused beam of light that is the laser, but where does the light come from? The energy is created using batteries and is then converted into light using a laser diode. 

A basic laser pointer design consists of three components, a battery, laser diode and the LD module which holds both the mirrors and lens. High quality lasers tend to have additional pieces such as an IR-blocking filter. 

Alpec lasers are all equipped with an IR-blocking filter making them safe for presenting and pointing. With approval from the FDA and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, you’re able to have a powerful laser and peace of mind.

Happy (Safe) Pointing!