How to Celebrate the Solstice

December 20, 2022
By Alpec
image of light and dark during North American winter solstice

The winter holiday season has come to mean many things but many of us spend December rushing to events and celebrations of the work, friends and family varieties. Amidst the holiday rush and our “always on” culture, it can be hard to remember that this time of year is traditionally one of rest, of turning inward, of reflection.  It is a time to live in the present. Find a moment to pause and reflect. Build a fire. Go for a walk in a park or along a new trail. Journal.  Go outside on a clear night and look at the moon and stars.

Supermoon on December 23

Winter solstice is celebrated on the year’s shortest day which falls on December 21. It is also the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere. An astronomical sign of the season’s shift occurs on December 7-8 when a full Cold Moon will be at its peak. The December supermoon occurs on December 23 when the new moon, because of its trajectory, will appear to “sit” on the horizon for a long time. 

Find your Hygge

A Nordic concept of coziness or relaxation and simple pleasures that swept the world a few years ago, hygge is meant to be felt, not translated. Put on a warm sweater. Embrace the season’s chill. Make snow angels. Make edible ornaments for birds and put them on a tree in your yard. Hang fairy lights. Light a candle. Or just chill by yourself or with friends and family.  It will be time soon enough to be busy again.