100% IR Filtration – What is it?

February 3, 2021
By Alpec

We’ve all heard the laser pointer horror stories of going temporarily blind after making eye contact with a laser. So, if laser pointers can cause this much damage how are we allowed to use them so recreationally? The reality is that these horror stories are often associated with low-quality laser pointers. And one commonality between laser pointers on the cheaper side is the lack of IR filtration. 

What is IR Filtration?

IR, or infrared, filtration is created using heater absorbing filters. These filters are designed to reduce the damages caused by infrared by blocking or reflecting the wavelengths, while still allowing light to pass through. So, a laser pointer with 100% IR filtration is a safe laser pointer. The less infrared filtration the more at risk you are of experiencing eye damage.

You may wonder: why aren’t all laser pointers made with infrared filtration? Cost is a large factor. Lasers without IR filtration can be made at a lower cost, which is why they are often sold at a lower cost. In addition, there is a misunderstanding that infrared filtration will weaken the laser. This, while inaccurate, can push some laser pointer makers to prioritize making a strong laser pointer over a safe one. But, the reality is a safe laser pointer can also be a strong one.

All Alpec laser pointers provide 100% IR filtration, with approval from the FDA and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, to give you peace of mind that it is safe to use for presentation and pointing.

Happy (Safe) Pointing!