Handheld Lasers, Safety and the Holidays

October 17, 2022
By Alpec
Alpec handheld lasers can be used safely throughout the holiday season

We know, we know, it is hard to believe it is already the holiday season. But here we are. Hallowe’en feels like the unofficial kick-off to the fall holiday season and really, isn’t Hallowe’en the best fall holiday? Setting up decorations at this time of year is a ritual for many – where would we be without lasers and smoke machines adding spooky good times to the neighborhood and many a haunted house? As ever, go out and have fun and stay safe.

A Reminder about Alpec’s Commitment to Laser Safety

Lasers are a part of many kids costumes (will the power of “Star Wars” ever end?) and handheld lasers can be a part of an adult costume, too. No matter what color laser pointer you choose, all Alpec laser pointers are safe and comfortable for viewing with nothing more than your eyes. 

At Alpec, our focus is on laser pointers and all Alpec lasers provide 100% IR filtration, the standard to safely avoid eye damage, plus approval from the FDA and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). Our lasers are certified as safe to use for presentation and pointing.

You may be fooled by our green laser pointers because, even at very low energy output, at 5 mW or less, our green laser pointers are very bright, 30 times brighter than red. The human eye is drawn to it, a neat trick for light shows and displays and those green light sabers.

Tips to Prevent Eye Damage

We’ve studied lasers of all kinds and make handheld laser pointers that are extremely safe.  Here are a few laser safety pointers to keep your eyes and your community safe during the holiday season. Follow these guidelines and you’ll never have to worry, like George does in this episode of “Seinfeld,” about injuries or other issues with laser pointers. 

●  Never aim or shine a laser directly at anyone, including animals.

●  Do not aim a laser at any vehicle, aircraft, or shiny surface.

●  Do not buy laser pointers for children or allow children to use them. Laser pointers are not toys. Even an FDA-recommended IEC Class I Laser Product includes some risk.

●  Do not buy or use any laser that emits more than 5 mW power, or that does not have the power output printed on the labeling.

●  Immediately consult a health care professional if you experience eye sensitivity or “flashing” after using a laser.

Be Safe Out There

Lasers are specialty tools – we do not recommend using lasers as toys. As the laser-carrying guy at the movies in the “Seinfeld” episode tells George: “It’s not the laser that’s funny. I’m funny.” No matter your plans for Halloween or other autumnal holidays, please be safe out there.