Oktoberfest is for Beer, Not Lasers

September 12, 2022
By Alpec
Graphic of six Oktoberfest scenes, including a man in lederhosen, a beer, a tub holding a beer and people dancing

Although Oktoberfest was first celebrated in 1810 as a wedding party honoring the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria (who later became King Louis I) to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, it transitioned the following year to a horse race combined with a harvest festival. A few years later, booths serving food and drink were added and, bada-bing, bada-boom, the Bavarian town of Munich in Germany now celebrates the food and drink more than the harvest. 

Each brewery (and there are plenty) sets up its own beer hall, some seating up to 6,000 people. Millions of people flock to Munich to join in the festival, kind of like a state fair but held within the city. The two week-long party usually kicks-off in mid-September and lasts until early October.

Beer and Lasers Do Not Mix

We know we don’t have to tell you this but pairing drinking and, well, almost everything else do not mix so we recommend finding a little R&R time and relaxing with your beer. Grill a few bratwurst, griddle a bunch of onions until they are soft (here’s a recipe for inspiration) and put it all on a bun with your favorite mustard. Sauerkraut entirely optional (but we approve).

Laser Safety Basics

We like a good beer and a good song (there is lots of singing at Munich’s festival) as much as anyone else. And laser pointers are used for so many things these days. But using them as toys or pointing them at other humans is not recommended. These applications are considered a misuse of the intent of lasers. But how do you choose a laser that is right for your leisure time? We have a few pointers.

Choose a Class 3 laser

For visible light lasers, a class 3 laser or 3A laser is the maximum permitted in the USA and Canada. Most laser pointers are class 3. Class 3 laser pointers can also be referred to as class 3R or 3A. Before purchasing a laser pointer, confirm that the class is clearly indicated on the laser’s housing as required by law. For a more in-depth exploration of laser classes, please read our dedicated post on laser classes.

Pick a Color

Laser pointers come in a spectrum of colors that emit energy. That energy is measured in nanometers (nm), or one billionth of a meter. The human eye picks up color in wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm. Pick up a red laser and it might have an nm of 638. A green laser might be 515 nm. A violet laser might be 405 nm. As long as the number is between 400 and 700 nm, you will see the laser light when it hits an opaque surface. Our most popular laser colors are red and green. What will your laser color be?

Go for an All-Purpose Laser

Excellent quality at an unbelievable price is what you are looking for. At Alpec, we are known for our high-quality laser pointers and outstanding customer service.  Our 4000 Spectra Red Pointer and 4001 Spectra Red Pointer are popular for a reason: they are great quality lasers at a great price.

Leisure and Laser Pointers

Alpec laser pointers can be used safely in all situations when used as intended. All Alpec lasers provide 100% IR filtration, the standard to safely avoid eye damage, plus we’ve got approval from the FDA and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). For enhanced safety while using a laser pointer, read our short guide to preventing eye damage.

Lasers are specialty tools– we do not recommend using lasers as toys. We do recommend understanding lasers and how they work so you can use them safely and choose the right laser for your needs. No matter your plans for Oktoberfest or other autumnal holidays, please be safe out there.