Skiing Safety Gear for Outdoor Safety

January 4, 2022
By Alpec
Children in bright colored clothing on a ski slope

Lasers can be an important part of outdoor adventuring or skiing safety gear. It can be a critical survival device to help wayward hikers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts avoid getting lost and, more importantly, can help them be found. Lasers can also used as a tool to point out ski routes on snowy trails, scan trails for markers or signs and locate skiers who are snowbound.

Hit the Slopes Safely

Every skier and boarder wants the best line, right? Against a field of white, such as when white snow is falling on ground already covered in powder, a laser sharply outlines or maps a ski run – the crisp light of a laser pointer makes it easy to distinguish where to hit the slope.

Brightly colored and reflective material sewn into ski clothes or adhered to skis and other gear makes the item easier to see in bright white or difficult light conditions.  Using a laser such as a red laser pointer along with reflective gear makes finding gear and locating family members who may be down slope even easier, even at long distances.

Don’t Get Lost, Get Found

Even the best skier, snowmobiler or back-country hiker may sometimes need a little help to stay on track. With a bright red beam of light that is visible from over 3,000 feet away through driving snow, rain or fog, a small red laser pointer, or a green laser pointer that is visible from over 6,000 feet away, is a small piece of skiing safety gear that makes getting found just that much easier.