Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19

September 12, 2023
By Alpec
pirates talking like pirates and wearing striped garments

As befits most so-called holidays made up by masters of the marketing universe, Talk Like a Pirate Day began as an inside joke between two friends who enjoyed the salty language said to be common among seafaring dudes during a certain long-ago era. The “holiday” became more prominent when one of the dudes wrote to Dave Barry, a well-known, late 20th century American humorist and nationally syndicated columnist. Said columnist, well, wrote a column about it (the original is behind the Miami Herald’s paywall), and the rest as they say is history.

Sort of. We are sure you know a few people who would enjoy celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day. Or using the Pirate Insult Generator. Or carrying around a sword and wearing a peg leg on any other day but Hallowe’en. (Side bar: why are most pirates depicted as having only one leg? Surely, some pirates were smart enough to evade Jaws, no?)

Get Thee a Baldric and a Cutlass

Do you have a baldric? It’s a type of belt worn across the body by seamen of a certain era. From it you could hang tools and armaments, including a sword or cutlass for you swashbuckling types. Instead of an armament, consider hanging a Power Pro Red Laser Pointer from your baldric. It’s not nearly as heavy as a sword and – bonus – no training required to use one should Talk Like a Pirate Day coincide with Go to Work Day or Give a Presentation Day.

Hallowe’en is Around the Corner

Now that you’ve got your baldric, your pirate costume and your laser pointer, not only are you all set for Hallowe’en, you can start practicing your pirate lingo or reading up on pirate stories. One of our favorites is Treasure Island. And of course, there’s always the five installments of Pirates of the Caribbean. FYI that our pointers are used on movie sets by rigging crews to point out where set items should be placed and lots of other things. So maybe when Elizabeth Swan called for “parlay” in the first movie she should have thrown in an Sotonic Green Laser Pointer when making her deal with Captain Barbosa???

Word is there’s a sixth installment to be released in 2024. Until then, avast! And don’t forget to swab the poop deck.