Top 5 Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $40 for Work 2023

November 20, 2023
By Alpec
What is the best secret santa gift 2023? Maybe one of these coworkers in santa hats can tell you.

A little something for colleagues, associates, clients and friends adds holiday cheer to the season. Plus, those Secret Santa gifts aren’t going to buy themselves. We’ve got a few stocking stuffer gifts for your 2023 office or holiday white elephant parties that will help ensure there is something for everyone. All are under $40. No Grinches allowed!

1. Alpec Bullet key chain pointer

The gold-colored bullet case looks really cool and the red laser sends a beam up to 1500 feet, perfect for pointing at whiteboards and power point presentations during the holiday season and all year long. $22

2. Clever Fox Password Book

This may be a little old-fashioned in the age of password vaults, but we like this bound password book. It’s 100% unhackable (except by your two year-old) and the thick paper and vegan leather (available in many color choices) make us happy. Plus, we all know someone who could really, really, really use this. $15

3. Stojo 16 oz Travel Cup

With a tapered bottom to better fit into whatever cupholder you have in your car, a travel cup with a built-in straw is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. And yes, the straw is wide enough to handle smoothies and some boba. $20

4. Ultimate Red Laser Pointer

This nifty little thang projects an arrow, dot or line by a simple twist of the front dial. If you need to point out structural aspects of homes or “go beyond the dot,” this is the tool for you. $39.99

5. Loop Experience Equinox Earphones

Aren’t we all kinda tired of plain white or black ear buds? These little circles (wireless, of course) comfortably fit in your ear while also adding a little bling to your look. We’re guessing most will go for black or white, but we are all in on flamingo pink. From $34.95