Uses for Green Laser Pointers

January 29, 2021
By Alpec

Green laser pointers may be the least commonly used laser pointer, but in certain industries they are essential. There are a few characteristics that set green lasers apart from red or blue aside from the idea that it is stronger. The green laser appears “stronger” because of where it lands in the spectrum of light perceivable by the human eye. With a wavelength of 632nm, green lasers are the only laser that performs well outdoors. They have a range of up to a mile, work best at nighttime and are the overall brightest option.

The unique characteristics that set green lasers apart from rest are the same characteristics that make them essential for widely known industries. Learn more about the uses for laser pointers, specifically green laser pointers.

Uses for Green Laser Pointers Include:

  • Astronomy
  • Construction
  • Presentations

Green Lasers in Astronomy

Laser pointers are commonly used in both scientific astronomy and backyard astronomy, commonly known as stargazing. Green laser pointers are the perfect tool for guiding telescopes. 

Green Lasers in Construction

Green lasers can also be found on construction sites and are often used when leveling work sites, floors and grading terrain. 

Green Lasers in Presentations

A presentation of any kind calls for a laser pointer. Compared to the two industries above, a red or blue laser will get the job done here. But, for large lectures or conferences green is going to be much more reliable. 

Alpec green laser pointers provide 100% IR filtration giving you peace of mind that it is safe to use for presentation and pointing. 

Happy (Safe) Pointing!