Lasers in your Workplace

February 16, 2022
By Alpec
Two men in a warehouse pointing at inventory

At Alpec, we believe that doing your job well makes the workplace a better, safer, more enjoyable place. We make one tool for your workplace, and we make it well: handheld laser pointers. It’s a small thing, a gadget that can help a search and rescue team find a trapped mountain climber. Or help a warehouse manager point out a box for a forklift operator to grab from amidst a sea of beige inventory.  

Do The Job Better with an Alpec Laser Pointer

On many job sites, including construction, trucking and freight, landscaping, and oil, gas and chemical refineries, a green laser pointer is the preferred tool for non-verbal team communication. It can be loud at your worksite, right? All of our green laser pointers, including the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer, have a range of 6,000 feet – that’s over a mile of communication distance.

Many warehouse staff and job site workers prefer our red lasers, like the 3 in 1 Power Red Laser Pointer. It’s range is 1,500 feet and its maximum power output is 5mw, safe for indoor and outdoor spaces. It comes with a lifetime warranty and – bonus – is a black ballpoint pen, too.

Excellence In What We Do

We 100% support a safe workplace. That is why all Alpec lasers provide 100% IR filtration, the standard to safely avoid eye damage, plus approval from the FDA and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). Our lasers are certified as safe to use for presentation and pointing.

We always recommend understanding lasers and how they work so you can use them safely. Unsure about which laser is right for your business? Drop us a line and let us help you choose the right laser for your business’s needs.