The Right Tool at the Right Price

October 3, 2022
By Alpec
Alpec laser pointer draws a path to a woman’s workplace goal

What are you planning to use your laser pointer for? We hear from a lot of professionals across industries that they value Alpec’s laser pointers for everything from teaching and pointing at white boards to training dogs and conducting real estate appraisals. Many professionals turn to Alpec for our high quality laser pointers – our 4000 Spectra Red Pointer and 4001 Spectra Red Pointer are perennially popular. And we know why: exceptional quality at exceptional prices.

Which Laser Pointer is Right For Your Business?

Human eyes like laser pointers in wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm – these wavelengths are in the visible range and close to the peak of a human eye’s sensitivity. We’ve got the coolest laser pointer colors – red, green, blue or violet laser pointers – that are well-balanced and comfortable in your hand. They are comfortably bright and easy to see in broad daylight or dark conditions. Some models come with wireless presenters. Others come with a stylus. We even make a pointer pen that is both red and green, our two most popular colors. And they perform at the highest level, every time. It’s a work tool with benefits.

Our Guarantee

Best of all, we stand behind our red lasers with a lifetime warranty (all other colors come with a one-year warranty) and prompt, professional customer service.  Not sure which laser pointer color or design is right for your workplace? Give us a call – we can help sort it out.