Kick Off the Season with National Ugly Sweater Day

December 4, 2023
By Alpec
ugly sweater day means wearing ugly holiday sweaters as this man and woman are.

Is it really fair to blame Uncle Bob for the rise of the ugly sweater fad? While your family’s sartorial choices may be – ahem – questionable, North Americans can say “thank you” to a bunch of spirited Canadians for introducing the world to the joy of the ugly sweater. The story goes, that a group of friends set up a fundraiser to raise money for a friend’s medical treatments  (which is off the rails, because Canadians have universal health coverage so this is probably an urban myth) – and guess what? The party was a huge success, leading to even more ugly sweaters.  

Ugly Sweater Day is December 15

Ugly sweaters are everywhere. Because they are fun. And stupid. And celebratory. And they are a great ice breaker at a work event or one of those cocktail parties where you know the host and no one else. Admit it, you love a good ugly sweater. And December 15 should really be the day that the holiday season kicks off anyway.

Unfortunately for ugly sweater haters, Alpec’s lasers can’t burn holes in your tacky garment of choice. Alpec makes the most powerful laser pointer you can legally own — they are all Class 3, with 5 milliwatts of power to produce a comfortable visible region for the human eye. (Lasers which will burn a hole in your sweater are not legal to sell as laser pointers.)

Celebrate With a Seasonally-Colored Laser Pointer

Now if you want to highlight or point to someone else’s ugly sweater, we’ve got the tool for you. Our Sotonic Blue Laser Pointer can trace the outlines of a Hanukkah menorah on an ugly sweater or spell out the word “latkes” on a white board. If red is the color of the season that moves you, how about a 3 in 1 Power Red Laser Pointer? It even has a small flashlight and works as an actual pen. Green is eternal and symbolizes life and nature. Alpec’s Sotonic Green Laser Pointer has a range of over 6,000 feet, perfect for use outdoors.  

This holiday season, may we suggest you celebrate with ugly sweaters and laser pointers? They are meant to be together!

This post originally appeared on December 8, 2022