The Colors of Spring

April 11, 2023
By Alpec
A black bunny which is sticking its tongue out sits very close to a purple egg with white polka dots.

What color is spring? Is it the pink of cherry and peach tree blossoms or the yellow of daffodils? The white of dew drops or the purple of crocus, one of the earliest flowers to break through snow’s crust? Easter eggs come in many colors, with red dominant in some cultures and green, yellow and blue dominant in others. No matter where you live, spring and its colors are signs of hope and renewal.

Alpec’s Laser Pointer Colors

Color is one of our favorite topics at Alpec. The human eye is sensitive to a range of color known as the visible light spectrum. And that visible light spectrum, which we see most clearly when looking at a rainbow, defines what is magical – and colorful – about our laser pointers. We don’t make laser pointers in all colors of the rainbow, but we do make laser pointers in red, green and blue/violet. Each of these colors have significance in our products and in the world around us.

Blue Light Laser Pointers

In nature, blue is a rare color. Blue flowers are produced by fewer than 10% of the world’s nearly 300,000 flowering plant species and there seem to be few evolutionary reasons for mammals and other creatures to develop blue fur or skin.  Though blue is rare in nature, we make a blue light laser pointer. It tracks at 450 nm. Why? At this wavelength, a blue laser pointer can be made into very compact and lightweight tool, it will function well even at high temperatures (up to 65°C/149°F) and, most importantly, it is very bright to the human eye. Our eyes like this wavelength – it is close to the peak of its sensitivity. Our Sotonic Blue Laser Pointer is sought after for its true blue light and visibility over a long distance, up to 1,500 feet.

Blue may be rare in nature but we like its chances in laser pointers.

Red Light Laser Pointers

Red is often a warning sign in nature, signaling that an insect is toxic, for example. Humans use red in, for example, traffic signals, a warning to stop and check for danger before proceeding. In Greece and other countries, Easter eggs are colored red to represent the blood of Christ. It’s a powerful color in many of the world’s cultures. We like red in our laser pointers because red is well-suited to indoor activities like teaching and demonstrating. Set at 650 nm and with a range of 1,500 feet, Alpec’s red lasers include the Slimline Red Presenter. It is comfortably bright and pinpoint accurate whether the room’s lights are on or off.

Green Light Laser Pointers

The most common plant color is green thanks to chlorophyll, which reflects rather than absorbs green light. Perhaps because of green’s abundance in nature, humans consider the color green a symbol of spring, of renewal and rebirth. We like green, too. Our popular green laser pointer, the Emerald Green Laser Pointer, is popular for the rich green color emitted from a slim, pen-sized tool. Outdoors during the day, green laser light is easy to see. It does not “disappear” as other colors might. It is easy to see over vast distances – over a mile!

Color is a fun topic for humans, in general, and for laser pointer fans, especially. We recommend understanding lasers and how they work so you can use them safely in every situation. We can help you sort out which laser pointer color is right for your business. Give us a call or send an email – we are here to help.