Alpec Ultraslim Red Laser Presenter

Alpec Ultraslim Red Laser Presenter

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A sleek and slim wireless presenter. Simply slide off the wireless receiver from the presenter and plug it into your computer’s USB port and you’re off to making your presentation. No additional software is required. Presenter unit has a red laser pointer, blank screen button, slide forward and reverse buttons, and start presentation button. Wireless presenter uses 2.4 GHz RF technology to communicate with your computer allowing you to walk freely up to 45 feet while presenting. You can also use it as a pointing and instruction tool with the built-in red laser pointer. Thin design of the presenter and receiver make it easy to carry it in your pocket or laptop bag. Presenter works on both Windows and Macintosh PC’s. Perfect tool for presenters, speakers, teachers, trainers, educators and team based collaboration.

• Wireless Red Laser Presenter.
• 2.4GHz RF frequency allows you to walk freely.
• Sleek pocket size design.
• Presenter range is at least 15 Yards
• Presentation controls include: Slide Forward and Reverse, Run Presentation, Blank Screen and Laser Pointer.
• Used for Presentations and Instruction.

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  • A sleek and compact wireless presenter and red laser pointer for the professional.
  • Handy size that can fit easily into your shirt pocket.
  • 2.4GHz RF wireless technology provides robust connection at a range of up to 45 feet.
  • Flip your slides forward and back, make your screen go blank and allows you to run your presentation in PowerPoint.
  • Packaged in a black cardboard gift case.
  • Presenter even works through walls.