The Best Laser Pointer for Teachers

August 1, 2022
By Alpec
Teacher standing in front of a chalk board with advanced equations on it

Back-to-school time is a chance to rethink the little things inside a classroom. Small changes, like upgrading a laser pointer to Alpec’s 4000 Spectra Red Pointer or 4001 Spectra Red Pointer, can make a difference in a teacher’s day-to-day enjoyment at work.

Choosing the Right Laser Pointer for Teaching

We are not above humble bragging and, while we won’t flat-out say that the 4000 and 4001 are the best laser pointers for teachers, we will tell you that we have a 100% positive feedback rating for both Spectra laser pointers and all of our laser pointers. Why? Our products are not only highly rated because of their long-term reliability but because we care about what we do and want you to have the best tool for the job, each and every day. And it shows.

Contact us at any time with questions or concerns about our laser pointers. We are here to help.

Classroom Laser Pointers

Choosing a laser pointer doesn’t have to be hard. In classroom settings, red is one of our most popular color choices. Educators and trainers typically prefer models well-suited to indoors, such as the 4000 and 4001. Set at 650 nm, they are comfortably bright – but not too bright – pinpoint accurate and easy to see, whether the classroom lights are on or off.  The main difference between the two is the housing – the 4000 is a silver pointer and the 4001 is a black pointer.

The Spectra Laser Pointer makes a great, entry-level cost laser ($27.99) to teach about light, lasers, STEM or anything else. Please contact us at for special pricing for educators interested in quantities of 5 or more.

Are Laser Pointers Safe in the Classroom?

Educators already know that lasers are not toys and should be used only for their intended purpose. We feel the same way. All of Alpec’s lasers are premium laser pointers, built with 100% IR filtration.  IR filtration along with sealed, tamper-proof laser housing ensure a safe laser experience. 

Which Laser Pointer or Laser Presenter is Right for You?

Reach out if we can answer any questions about which laser pointers are right for your classroom.