Why Blue is the Coolest Laser Pointer Color

October 2, 2023
By Alpec
dude with a black beard writing in blue on a pad which helps convey the idea that the best laser pointer for color blindness is blue

Did you file an extension on your taxes (due October 16)? With your refund, consider purchasing an Alpec blue laser pointer. Because laser pointers are more fun than taxes. And blue is the coolest laser color.

Why Blue is the Coolest Laser Pointer Color

Color is one of our favorite topics at Alpec. The human eye is sensitive to a range of color known as the visible light spectrum. And that visible light spectrum, which we see most clearly when looking at a rainbow, defines what is magical – and colorful – about our laser pointers. We don’t make laser pointers in all colors of the rainbow, but we do make laser pointers in red, green and blue/violet.

Alpec’s blue laser pointer tracks at 450 nm. At this wavelength, a blue laser pointer:

  • is a very compact and lightweight tool  
  • will function well even at high temperatures (up to 65°C/149°F)
  • is very bright to the human eye

Human eyes like this wavelength – it is close to the peak of a human eye’s sensitivity.  Our Sotonic Blue Laser Pointer is sought after for its true-blue light and visibility over a long distance, up to 1,500 feet.

A Couple Other Cool Things About Blue Laser Pointers

  • The technology used to make blue lasers requires less energy than red or green laser pointers, about 33% less energy than green and about 75% less than red. If long-lasting batteries are your goal, blue may be your color of choice.
  • Because of where blue sits on the color spectrum, those with difficulty seeing green and red (or have red-green color blindness) can typically see blue light lasers.
  • Unlike green lasers which create a “trail” of green, blue light laser pointers minimize the trail (they don’t refract the same way as green). The beam can sometimes seem to disappear, yet still provide accurate targeting on a white board. (Don’t try this on a flat screen TV. To see a laser pointer on a flat screen TV, we always recommend green.)

Color is a fun topic for humans, in general, and for laser pointer fans, especially. We recommend understanding lasers and how they work so you can use them safely in every situation. We can help you sort out which laser pointer color is right for your business and discuss the best laser pointer for color blindness.

Give us a call or send an email – we are here to help.