What is a Green Laser Pointer Used For?

April 18, 2022
By Alpec
green laser pointer makes a three-leaf clover

Alpec produces many colors of laser pointers – red, green, blue, violet – but green is the most popular color for most users for a reason: it works. 

In classrooms and across vast fields or warehouses, in low light and bright light, a green laser pointer is easy to see and quickly noticeable for the human eye.  At very low energy output, 5 mW or less, a green laser pointer is very bright, 30 times brighter than red. The human eye is drawn to it but is not harmed by it – all of Alpec’s lasers are safe in all settings, even when the light appears very bright.

A Green Laser Pointer is Used for Everything

Alpec’s most popular green laser pointer, the Sotonic Green Laser Pointer, is popular for the rich green color emitted from a slim, pen-sized tool. Outdoors during the day, green laser light is easy to see. It does not “disappear” as other colors might. It is easy to see over vast distances – over a mile!

Indoors, that same low power but bright light quality makes green a popular choice with educators, teachers and any role where non-verbal communication is an asset (we see you, warehouse managers, law enforcement, landscape professionals, real estate agents, construction superintendents and medical technicians).

Which Green Laser Pointer is Best for Me?

On many job sites where voice directions may be difficult to hear, a green laser pointer can enable team members to see rather than hear what needs to be accomplished. In medicine, A laser’s effectiveness is its accuracy – a medical educator’s gesture can provide pinpoint information, a boon for efficient, effective communication.

For most job sites, the Emerald Green Laser Pointer is the one and done option. Like all of Alpec’s green lasers, it has a range of 6,000 feet – that’s over a mile of communication distance – but works just as well in close quarters.

To have both red and green laser pointers at your fingertips, the Emerald Duo Red and Green Laser Pointer is the way to have both colors in a single tool.

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