The Highest Power Laser on the Market

February 23, 2021
By Alpec

What is the Highest Power Laser on the Market?

The highest power laser on the market is the green laser. For a high powered laser to be approved by the FDA for legal sale and possession it must have a max power output of 5mW. This regulation makes Class 3R/3A lasers the most powerful lasers on the market.

These green laser pointers are commonly used in classrooms, conference rooms and laboratories. They also are a great tool for construction workers and astronomers. 

While Class 3R/3A lasers are the most powerful laser you can own, Class 4 lasers are the highest power laser in existence. They are so powerful that even just being near the beam is a risk. Class 4 lasers can reach a max power output of 1W, but most commonly sit at 500mW. That’s insanely powerful compared to the Class  3R/3A power output of 5mW! 

The danger that comes with the power of a Class 4 laser is very serious, which is why the average person is not able to own one. But, the power of a Class 4 laser has also benefited society in many ways. It’s uses include things like surgery, research, drilling, cutting, welding, and micromachining.

Compared to the Class 4 laser, Class 3R/3A lasers are extremely safe for recreational use, but they can still be unsafe if used or made carelessly. When it comes to laser safety the key is to watch where you point, and make sure that your laser pointer has 100% IR filtration

Alpec green laser pointers provide 100% IR filtration, with approval from the FDA and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, to give you peace of mind that it is safe to use for presentation and pointing. 

Happy (Safe) Pointing!